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San Jose to start $126 million construction project

San Jose University is starting a $126 million dollar construction project that will add an additional 850 beds to the already growing campus and help further the school’s transition from a commuter school to an urban university. The project will also include common study rooms, a lounge, multi-purpose room, recreation room and other support spaces.

“This is the second major project we’ve won in the San José market since opening an office here a couple months ago,” said Sundt Vice President and Regional Director Teri Jones, said in a press release.

The project is the second phase of a project that started in 2005. Campus Village Phase 2 will be built by Sundt Construction and designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz and will be built across from Campus Village Stage 1. Stage 1 added 2,279 beds and three high-rise buildings, including one that was 15 stories high.

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