Schoolhouse Beat

Judge rejects suit over student's refusal to wear ID

From The San Antonio Express-News: A federal judge has ruled that the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, has the right to transfer a student from her magnet school after she refused to wear a student ID badge to protest a new electronic tracking system. Judge Orlando Garcia rejected a lawsuit brought by Andrea Hernandez, 15, through her father, Steve Hernandez. The lawsuit had sought an injunction so she would be allowed to stay in Jay High School's magnet school for science and engineering without having to wear the identification badge. The badges contain a chip used to track students' on-campus whereabouts; district officials had offered to let her wear it without the chip. Andrea refused, saying it violated her constitutional rights and religious beliefs, and after Northside officials reassigned her to Taft High School, her regular neighborhood school, the family sued.

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